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It is fair to say that the landscape affecting our world as we once knew it is unlikely to continue in quite the same way as time moves on. This shift will almost certainly become critical in our communications and with all our personal and commercial activities as transparency, privacy and the exponential growth in cyber-crime compete for equal status.

We have come to believe therefore that the future shall be very different demanding we find

“A Better Way”

Stockbridge Private

The Partners at Stockbridge Private have accumulated many years working in the complex global corporate business sectors, in addition to meeting the needs of the very sophisticated private client and family office sectors, so are acutely aware of the challenges and solutions each of these sectors present.

Our services are provided “under one roof” for the most part and in so doing designed to address the risk to business and sensitive data compromise which alongside other innovative measures optimise client privacy and confidentiality. This enables The Partnership to operate with the utmost discretion, maintaining its “entirely private” ethos, at all times.

The Offering

“A Secure Global Consultancy”

Day to day our wide-scoped offering whether institutional, professional, family office or private client driven, shall undertake to provide the following on an “entirely private” basis:

Admissible Special Op's & Projects

  • High-Level intelligence services, data/information/fully reported intel
  • Transactional & Commodity Fraud Support Consultancy (pre and/or post)
  • Fully Documented (Deep Sourced) Due Diligence Information
  • Expert Global Investigations, Asset & IP Trace, Report &Locate
  • Close Protection Residential and/or Corporate
  • Surveillance, Counter Surveillance

The Offering

“Personal Private Professional”

Additional Commissions

  • Maritime & Aircraft Anti-Piracy Logistical Assistance
  • Shipping & Yacht Consultancy
  • International Accounting & In-House Audit Capability

Fully comprehensive and confidential support is also made available via our “Preferred Partner” programme for the Family Office & Private Client Sectors such as:

  • The Private Banking & Wealth Management sectors
  • The Legal and Accountancy sectors
  • The Fiduciary, Trust & Corporate Services sectors.

Please note that it is also our written Partnership policy and chosen business model not to engage with social media which in so doing will offer the very highest level of privacy, professionalism & protection to all clients.

The Pursuit

“To Attend & Nurture”

Typically, our attentions are directly connected to the wide-ranging expertise and extensive experience with which the management at Stockbridge Private are completely familiar.

We have chosen to continue to align ourselves with but not limited to the following sectors:

  • Trading & Commodities
  • Maritime & Aviation (Including anti-piracy)
  • Legal, Accountancy & Audit Environment (Forensic support)
  • Banking, Fiduciary & Wealth Management
  • The Family Office, Private & Corporate Client provision
  • Music, Fashion, Art & Sport
  • Intellectual Property, Copyright, Ai
  • Reputational Risk Report & Assessment

“To continuously maintain the successful discharge of our professional duty is our genuine and sincere focus”.

Clarity & Complexity

Providing clarity and simplicity can sometimes be extremely challenging in dealing with the potential demands of highly sophisticated Corporate Risk and Reputation, the day-to-day requirements of the Family Office and the genuine concerns of many Private Clients. In any of these scenario’s robust, reliable, and trusted solutions are only achievable when knowledge, experience & professionalism combine.

We, therefore, always seek to either resolve, limit risk, and apply clarity to a great many solutions whenever our clients are confronted with high levels of complexity.

In brief from the Partners Philanthropy

“A future that is very different”

Technology alone will no doubt ensure this.

However recent history has clearly indicated perhaps more than ever before that we are no longer here merely to consume but instead to contribute much more meaningfully to the well-being of all wherever and whenever possible.

Real Philanthropy
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